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What are Ceramides and why they are important for dry skin


  1. What are Ceramides?

  2. Why are Ceramides important?

  3. What skincare ingredients contain Ceramides?

  4. What Sabbia Co products contain Ceramides?

If you experience dry skin (especially during the cooler months) then keep on reading as we have a must-have skincare ingredient that keeps your skin hydrated and healthy. 

Dry skin occurs when your skin loses too much oil. Dry skin is common and can affect anyone at any age. There are many courses for dry skin such as taking hot showers, using harsh skincare products, having food and drinks that suck out the natural oils/moisture from your skin. 

It is important to know the difference between dry skin and dehydrated skin.

  • Dry skin lacks natural oil production
  • Dehydrated skin just lacks water
Why You Should Include Ceramides In Your Skincare Routine – Innovist

What are Ceramides?

Ceramides help to strengthen and moisturise the skin's protective barrier. Which protects the skin from pollution, weather, dirt and other external factors. 

A ceramide is a lipid molecule that plays an important role in the water-retention function and the stratum corneum which is the outermost layer of skin. Ceramides are a powerful ingredient that holds skin cells firmly together. This helps to keep fluid in the skin but it also acts as a guard against external aggressors.

Why are Ceramides important?

Ceramides will help strengthen your skin’s barrier and deeply increase skin hydration which results in plumper, smoother, glowing skin. The strengthening properties of Ceramides can decrease the signs of skin sensitivity and reduce the signs of aging. 

What skincare ingredients contain Ceramides?

Ceramides are mainly found in serums and high-quality moisturisers. Ceramides are also in a range of natural oils and ingredients such as:

  • Jojoba oil: Contains up to 96% ceramides.
  • Safflower oil: 78% ceramides
  • Grapeseed oil: 73% ceramides
  • Poppy seed oil: 70% ceramides
  • Sunflower oil: 68% ceramides
  • Hemp oil: 60% ceramides
  • Corn oil: 59% ceramides
  • Wheat germ oil: 55% ceramides
  • Cottonseed oil: 54% ceramides
  • Soybean oil: 51% ceramides
  • Walnut oil: 50% ceramides
  • Sesame oil: 45% ceramides
  • Rice bran oil: 39% ceramides
  • Pistachio oil: 33% ceramides
  • Peanut oil: 32% ceramides
  • Linseed oil: 15% ceramides
  • Olive oil: 10% ceramides

What Sabbia Co products contain Ceramides?

Antioxidant Repair Oil

Multi-Vitamin Moisturiser

Collagen C Serum 

Commonly Asked Skincare Questions

Where to start if you are new to Skincare?

The best place to start is our ‘starter kit’ the charcoal mask is best for oily skin and matcha is best for dry/sensitive skin. You can find both starter kits here.

Or take our Skin quiz -

If you still need more help email our Skincare Formulator Katie at katie@sabbiaco.comand she will get back to you during working hours.

What products should everyone have in their skin care routine?

If you were only to invest in 1 skincare product we would recommend a moisturiser as it will hydrate, heal, repair and protect your skin.

Best practice would be to remove makeup (reusable makeup cloth), cleanse (botanical glow cleanser), exfoliate (konjac sponge), treat (clay mask), and protect (multivitamin moisturiser).

All of these products can be found in our ‘starter kit’ the charcoal mask is best for oily skin and matcha is best for dry/sensitive see. You can find both starter kits here.

How often should you exfoliate?

This is controversial but here at Sabbia Co we don't love chemical or beaded exfoliants as they can be overused and damage your skins barrier. We prefer a gentle approach of a daily exfoliation with our konjac sponge.

Do you really need a separate eye cream?

Another controversial one, if you are using inteligent 2 in 1 products all your really need is a GOOD high quality serum that's filled with hydrating and brighten products - meet our collagen c serum.

I have sensitive skin, what products should I use?

All of our skincare has been formulated for sensitive skin, our formulation goal is to repair your skin barrier. Having an impaired skin barrier is usually linked to sensitive skin.

If your skin is dry and sensitive the;

Skin Starter Kit | Matcha or My Ritual Kit | Matcha would be a great start.
You could also add the Antioxidant Repair Oil or if you have a bigger budget Ultimate Skin Kit Matcha is incredible.

I have oily / breakout prone skin, what products should I use?

Similar to above, all of our skincare has been formulated to support acne prone skin, our formulation goal is to repair your skin barrier. Having an impaired skin barrier can also cause breakouts. “Blemishes and acne flare-ups can be a sign of a damaged skin barrier, as the bacteria that causes acne is more easily able to penetrate the skin,” says Marisa Plescia, research scientist at NakedPoppy.

If your skin is dry and breaking out, use the products recommend for sensitive skin above.

If your skin is oily and breaking out; 
Try the Skin Starter Kit | Charcoal or My Ritual Kit | Charcoal would be a great start.

Or if you have a bigger budget Ultimate Skin Kit Charcoal is incredible.

** Please shift your mindset from 'drying out your breakouts' to repairing and nourishing your skin barrier. Using drying/stripping products will only tell your body to create more oil, it's creating oil to heal your skin.


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