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Sabbia CO

changing the skin care game.

Sabbia Co's face kits have a unique set of sustainable, reusable, eco-friendly & chemical-free tools. That cleanse, exfoliate and remove makeup with just WATER! 100% biodegradable sponges, reusable cotton bamboo pads and makeup removing pads that replace up to 1000 makeup wipes annually.

I have used so many reusable makeup pads and these are by far the best! So soft, bigger than usual, don't get smelly and overall just work better! I also love that you get 2 plus the cotton pad!


The makeup removal pad does an outstanding job at removing makeup, and the konjac sponge makes my skin feel super clean and refreshed. Really enjoying incorporating these eco-friendly products into my daily skincare routine!

Emily S

Best product on the market. No need for anything but water. Amazing!! Wish I had found it sooner!


All skepticism washed away, the makeup removal pad really works! Taking less time and effort than my old removal routine & using only water, I'm in love. My skin is feeling amazing too. Would highly recommend this kit!

Freya B

Super impressed with this kit - in particular the konjac sponge and makeup removal pad! Both remove all makeup with only water and the sponge is gentle on your skin and leaves it feeling soft and smooth. Perfect tools to use with every day skincare

Meg S

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