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What is skin pilling and how do to prevent it?

Pilling is never fun, especially after you have put so much time into your skincare/makeup routine. Here we have the best ways to solve skin pilling.

What is pilling and how is it caused? 

Pilling is a sign that your skincare application and routine needs to be altered. Pilling can affect your skin barrier and can clog your pores. Pilling can also occur with your makeup. You typically see the product is separated into small clusters while you're applying your skincare and makeup products.



6 easy ways to solve pilling skin:

  1. Exfoliate your skin (but don’t over-exfoliate) 

Dead skin cells not being removed properly from your face is one of the main causes of pilling. It is important to remove the layer of dead skin to ensure your skincare is actually working. For the skincare to work effectively you want it to sink into your skin. 

If you use a chemical exfoliate ensure you are only doing this 2-3 times a week depending on your skin type. You can use our Konjac Sponge with the Botanical Glow Cleanser  which provides an effective but gentle exfoliation. 

  1. Layer products correctly 

Correctly layering your products is very important. The main tip to layering your skincare is applying the products from thinnest to the thickest. Layering your skincare correctly allows each product to work at its highest potential. To know how to layer your skincare we have an entire blog about it. 

  1. Wait 60 seconds between layers

Now, we can’t rush our skincare. It is important to let each product soak into your skin. If you rush this process then all the products will be mixing together and well, causing pilling. Space your routine out to one step at a time. Think of this time as you time. 

  1. Use the right amount of products 

If you apply too much of one product that it doesn’t soak into your skin correctly it will just combine with other products. Get familiar on how much of each product you need to be using. We have done all the hard work for you and you can learn more here. 

  1. Press don’t rub 

Be gentle with your skin, rubbing can cause irritation. The friction of rubbing is what can cause pilling. Apply skincare products to a brush, fingertips or makeup pad. 

  1. Get to know your products 

If you are doing the right things but still experiencing pilling, get to know each product that you are applying to your skin. Look at the ingredients and formulation of the products. If any of your products contain silicones (chuck it in the bin) silicones don’t allow the product to soak into your skin but sit on top of your skin. When the products don’t sink into your skin it can cause pilling. 


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