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Sabbia Co spa-quality facial at home

Sabbia Co spa-quality facial at home.

What is more relaxing than a facial? Everyone needs that self-pamper session and sometimes having time to book a spa for treatment isn’t always possible. Luckily, it is possible to give yourself a luxurious facial in the comfort of your home with Sabbia Co. 
We have created the perfect at-home facial routine. This is taking your skin to the next level but also giving you the pamper time that you deserve. 
This routine cleanses, nourishes and hydrates your skin leaving it with a healthy luminous glow. 

Welcome to your at-home spa

Firstly, cleanse your space by either lighting up a candle or putting on a beautiful defuser. 
Wipe away the day.  Wipe away the dirt and grime from the day with our makeup remover pad from our face it face it or removal kit

Cleanse and exfoliate your skin. Our Botanical Glow Cleanser cleanses balance and nourishes your skin. Leaving it with a luminous glow. Konjac sponges are eco-friendly, 100% natural, and made from Konjac plant roots along with bamboo charcoal. These AMAZING exfoliating and cleansing sponges are also 100% biodegradable and proven to reduce blemishes, breakouts and oily skin with just water! 

Everyone's favourite part is the face mask. We have two high-quality face masks our Charcoal Adaptogen Mask which detoxifies, brightens and purifies problematic skin. Our Matcha Clay Mask will detoxify, hydrate, revitalise and soothe problematic skin. The mask can also be used together as a multi-mask. Here is more about multi-masking.

Revive your skin. The Revive Face Mist will deeply refresh, hydrate, plump and strengthen the skin's barrier for a dewy luminous glow.

Brighten your skin. The Collagen C Serum purpose is to brighten, deeply hydrate and may assist in softening fine lines for a youthful-looking glow.

Rejuvenate your skin. The Brightening Niacinamide Serum will brighten serum to soothe, rejuvenate, and reduce breakouts, excess oil production and dark spots for a healthy glow.

Moisturiser your skin. Our Multi-Vitamin Moisturiser is packed full of skin-loving ingredients that will hydrate, strengthen and plump your skin. 

Repair & glow. My glow kit is your go-to skin kit to assist in contouring and sculpting the face while enhancing the penetration and effectiveness of your skincare. The perfect way to finish your at-home facial. 

Not only will your at-home facial leave you looking great and feeling relaxed. So don’t forget to book your at-home facial. 

Lots of love,
Jess - Marketing Assistant here at Sabbia Co xx


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