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4 healthy habits 2023

 4 healthy habits 2023

Happy new year beautiful,
As we enter a new year we always have this wave of new energy come over us. This is a great time to reflect on the past year and set our intentions for 2023. Achieving your goals and setting new intentions all comes down to the habits you have in your day to day life.
Here are the  4 healthy habits that we are sticking to in 2023.


Fill your body with nourishing food

Your body is your temple, you have to take care of it. It is important to fuel your body with food that will nourish your body.

Creating a skincare routine for YOUR skin

With so much on social media, the skincare world can seem scary and overwhelming. We have a skin quiz on our website to understand your skin type and what products will work best for your skin type. 

Move your body

Move your body in way that you love. Choose a form of exercise that you love and can stick to. 

Read book instead of being on your phone

Reading is so good for your mind and a great alternative to stop mindlessly scrolling through social media. Choose a book that you love and can't put down. Dedicate time to put your phone down and read. 

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