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"Sabbia Co is linking scientific chemistry with natural plant medicine to create sustainable skincare that is results driven"

meet the maker

About Sabbia Co

Sabbia Co was born after ocean loving Burleigh Heads Founders Katie and Dave found themselves on a remote beach in Sri Lanka and devastated over the amount of single-use personal items they were surrounded by.

Katie has a huge passion for skin health and well-being, while Dave is a surfer duuude and green-thumb. They both do their bit in their home to reduce their footprint, but wanted to do more. And that’s why they launched Sabbia Co in September 2019.

An ethical brand with minimal impact on the environment, that creates unique facial kits out of sustainable, biodegradable, reusable and chemical free tools. These kits cleanse, exfoliate and remove makeup with just WATER!

Along with sustainably sourced and packaged skincare that is formulated by Katie herself. Katie then works with 3 Australian labs to bring her formulations to life.

Sri Lanka 2018

we found ourselves on a remote beach and devastated over the amount of single-use personal items we were surrounded by. When we arrived home we decided to minimise all single-use items in our home. As we started to research and test reusable products we fell in love with many amazing sustainable swaps. Our mission was no longer to overhaul our home but everyone else’s.

Manufacturer Visit 2020

we are proudly Australian Made and owned. our formulations are created by our Founder Katie who works with several Australian labs to bring our products to life with minimal impacts on the planet. Our main manufacturer has been awarded several awards in sustainability and are a Carbon Neutral lab.

Our Warehouse 2022

Sabbia Co HQ in beautiful Burleigh Heads QLD, where we (us, our team and customers) strongly believe that feeling good begins from within, that is why Self-Love is one of our core values, along with Authenticity, Quality, Gratitude, Sustainability and Education / Change.

get to know Katie & Dave

Meet The Maker (Katie)

Hello #sabbiasquad ! I’m Katie, I am the Founder and Formulator here at Sabbia Co. For as long as I can remember I have been passionate about skincare and ‘making potions’ as my 5-year-old self would say.

I grew up in Port Douglas, Queensland with an Italian Mum and Australian Dad. I would say that my Mum taught me about self love/care and to choose fresh healthy produce to help my body flourish. My Dad is an eager adventurer and was the one that helped me fall in love with the planet, almost every weekend and holiday was spent on the reef or out west looking at the star. Every Sunday was spent at my Nonna’s enjoying fresh homemade meals from produce sourced in her backyard. My family and upbringing are where I found my passion for the planet and the importance of paddock to plate or more so seed to skin (I did just make that term up). 

Throughout my late teens and early twenties, I had many friends struggle with hormonal acne and even experienced a little myself when coming off contraception. I saw friends using products on their faces that were bleaching their towels and thought this cannot be safe! The redness and inflammation of their skin showed that in fact, the products were striping and harmful, not to mention what was happening once the products were washed down the drain and into our waterways. 

This began a little hobby ‘Katie’s Essentials’ where I would make scrubs, facial oils, and balms for friends to help heal their skin. I had just turned 20 and Europe was calling, so I up and left my life with a backpack and no plan. 

My Journey

I have studied Cosmetic Chemistry and Traditional Chinese Medicine to be able to infuse scientific chemistry with natural plant medicine to create sustainable skincare that is results driven (with over 950, 5 star reviews to prove it).

Formulation Process

2 of our core values are ‘Authenticity’ and ‘Quality Products’ I love sharing the formulation process because we pride ourselves in the level of education, quality and testing that we put into every single product.

My Commitment

I am forever grateful to have the opportunity to work in a role that lights my soul up every single day, to connect and help customers reach their skin health goals, and most importantly to educate, create change and help our planet.

When I returned home in 2017 I met my now Husband Dave, who convinced me that a surf trip to Sri Lanka would be the perfect first trip together. Through long travel transfers, a few horrible hostels, hidden gems, and many samosas we hit it off. The trip was amazing until we arrived at the surf break that Dave hadn’t stop talking about. Not only were there no waves but the beach was littered with single-use personal care items (makeup wipes, toothbrushes, Qtips), my heart sunk.

When we arrived home we decided to minimise all single-use items in our home. As we started to research and test reusable products we fell in love with many amazing sustainable swaps. Our mission was no longer to overhaul our home but everyone else’s. And this is when Sabbia Co was born. 

We launched in September 2019, with 3 products. Our hero ‘face it face kit’, cleanse kit and tone kit, 3 kits that remove makeup/zinc, cleanse and exfoliate with just water. This was essential for us as we love to travel and pack light. 

As our community grew the need for sustainable skincare was a daily request, so for our first birthday, we launched sustainably sourced and packaged skincare. Something I had always dreamt of. Over the years I have studied Cosmetic Chemistry, Traditional Chinese Medicine (Gua Sha, Facial Massage, etc), and many other ‘alternative’ (as my Mum might say) practices.

I am forever grateful to have the opportunity to work in a role that lights my soul up every single day, to connect and help customers reach their skin health goals, and most importantly to educate, create change and help our planet.


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Based on 1052 reviews
Absolutely obssesed

I was a part of the trial and loved this. Yesterday picked up the official bottle, after a walk and morning at the beach this today my skin feels hydrated, soft and protected. I love that even in summer it doesn't feel heavy and greasy on the skin. SO HAPPY to have finally found a good safe sunscreen!

Love this product and brand!

I absolutely have fallen in love with this skincare! It feels so lush and beautiful, I have very sensitive skin and it's so gentle. I apply a thicker coat in the night as a mask within a week I've noticed a huge improvement with my skin overall mainly redness/ blemishes and fine lines have reduced. I can't wait to try more products. Also love the black glass bottle and that you can order refills 👌

Feels good , looks good, smells good… and is good!

A stunning sunscreen that breaks the stereotype of a sticky product that does help your skin. This sunscreen does it all and is so perfect for summer being the only product I need in the mornings! Highly recommend!

bring on the hydration

wooh what a game changer skin feels refreshed, hydrated, dewy and glowing. Thanks Sabbia co for your amazing products

antioxidant oil

Best last step in my skin care routine.

Both masks + Collegen C serum + multi vitamin moisturiser

This combo is honestly a game changer! I constantly have people mistaking me for being YEARS younger than I am all thanks to me skincare routine. It helps to prevent and reduce fine lines and makes my skin look so youthful! In the words of Alf Stewart - "You're a flammin' galah' if you don't buy now!

Surprisingly different sunscreen in the BEST way!

When you think of how sunscreen typically feels and smells, Sabbia’s Daily Sun Shield is the absolute opposite of that. This sunscreen feels and smells like a luxury skin product. It feels thick when you apply it so you know your getting great protection but quickly sets leaving your skin feeling hydrated and silky soft. The smell is delish! If you don’t try this product you are actually missing out! I look forward to putting the Daily Sun Shield on each morning. Thank you Sabbia Co for making an incredible quality and sustainable product.

I LOVED this sunscreen!

Glides on smooth without needing many pumps. A lovely tint and zero smell too. This sunscreen is a must have for those with sensitivity, like me. I will be purchasing at launch after being a part of the sampling stage. Another amazing addition to their already beautiful range! Well done :)


I struggled to find a mineral sunscreen that’s not heavy, smelly and doesn’t make me breakout. Can’t wait to have this this summer and actually want to wear sunscreen


Great sunscreen, all the things this page says. Well done team

Great sunscreen

Lightweight and sits beautifully under makeup

Love it

Love that there’s no white cast or sunscreen heavy feeling and smell

Super impressed

I’ve been hunting for a healthy sunscreen for years and I am so excited to have finally found one. I love that it’s not heavy on the skin and doesn’t have a yuck smell

No breakouts!

I can’t believe a mineral spf50 sunscreen that didn’t break me out after using everyday! Looking forward to buying the full size


Can’t wait for this to launch, it’s the perfect sunscreen. No smell, white cast or greasy feeling

Can’t wait for the full size

Grateful to have tested this, I’ve been missing it in my routine since the test ran out. Lightweight perfect mineral sunscreen

Love it

Great product, didn’t feel heavy or break me out


This cleans my face perfectly even with sunscreen and makeup. I loved it without the turmeric sponge but paired together, definitely the best way to cleanse. Being refillable is my favourite thing and I’ll be sticking with Sabbia for skincare!

Feeling great!

It’s feeling great! It feels more hydrated and I like the dewy look the sunscreen gives. I think my skins glowing. No white cast or heavy feeling after soaking in. ☺️

No breakouts! 🙌

Very impressed with the sunscreen it feels so luxurious! No breakouts after 14 days of using!!! Instead I feel like it’s helping my skin! So happy! Sunscreen usually makes me break out, finally one I can use that’s good for my skin

Lightweight and non-greasy

Beautiful lightweight formula that doesn’t feel oily, nice smelling and no white-cast. I have breakout-prone congested skin and this doesn’t feel like it blocks my pores which is exactly what I’m after.

Feels so smooth and not oily

My skin is taking a real liking to it! My skin feels so smooth and at the end of the day isn’t oily at all which is completely different to how it was without. My skin would be super oily at the end of each day, but with the sunscreen I’m not really oily at all. It leaves a nice finish to my skin and stays the same throughout the day!

I forget that I’ve put something on my face, crazy how light it is, how smooth and nice it makes the skin look and that I don’t have as much oil as usual

Heaven on your skin!

Wow, this combination is a 10/10!
It is so hard to find clean sunscreen that doesn’t leave your skin feeling zincy and caked on.

Sabbia have absolutely nailed this formula for a face sunscreen and the fact that your face feels glowy is just the cherry on top. This is a daily staple for me now I could never go back!


Have been looking for a clean sunscreen for ages now! I don’t usually wear sunscreen much because of the chemicals and I have sensitive skin. So I was very excited when I was picked to be a part of the trial for this new product! To say I’m obsessed is an understatement, feels super hydrating on the and leaves a nice dewy look on the skin.

Most incredible sunscreen!

I have never used a sunscreen that doesn’t break my skin out. I am so grateful for this product. It is so light on the skin and isn’t greasy at all! Can’t wait to purchase the full size ! It is also being realised at the perfect time. Australian summer is no joke, but this sunscreen won’t sweat off your face.


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