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The face it face kit is your go-to skin kit.

Suitable for all skin types, Sabbia Co's face it face kit has a unique set of plant-based cleansing and skin-loving tools. This luxe kit will rejuvenate your skin, while reducing blemishes, breakouts, acne, oily skin and remove makeup with just WATER!  


face it face kit includes;
1 x Face Brush
1 x Cotton Headband
1 x Reusable Cotton Pad
1 x Reusable Makeup Removal Pad
1 x Charcoal Konjac Sponge

Created by glowing babes, for glowing babes.

How to

Before using your tools make sure you pop the reusable tools (makeup pad, cotton pad and headband) in the washing machine, like you would with new undies. Then soak your Konjac sponge in hot water to disinfect it and allow it to expand.


Step 1: Use Cotton Headband to pull hair away from face.

Step 2: Soak Reusable Makeup Removal Pad in water and remove makeup.

Step 3: Soak Charcoal Konjac Sponge in water and cleanse/gently exfoliate. This product can be used with just water or add your favourite cleanser for a double cleanse.

Step 4: Apply toner or cleanser to Reusable Cotton Pad and cleanse/tone.

Step 5: Apply face mask or treatment with Face Brush.


1 Charcoal Konjac Sponge - lasts 6-9 weeks depending on use.
Made from 100% Konjac root and charcoal bamboo. This product is 100% biodegradable. Read more here.

1 Reusable Cotton Pad - lasts over 200 washes depending on use.
Made from 100% cotton. Read more here.

1 Reusable Makeup Removal Pad - lasts over 200 washes depending on use.
Made from cotton and bamboo fibre blend. Read more here.

1 Face Brush - lasts 12+ months depending on use.
Made from wooden handle with recycled synthetic bristles - meaning it is cruelty free!

1 Cotton Headband - lasts 12+ months depending on use.
Made from Microfiber elastic cotton.


*You can return your headbands, brushes and pads to us for up-cycling or alternatively give them a second life by using them as bathroom, kitchen or all-purpose cleaners. Please read here to learn more. Read more here.

Customer Reviews

Based on 101 reviews
Can't recommend it enough

I've been suffering from
cystic acne for the last 6 months and have tried everything to try clear it, brought the face it face kit. Over night my acne had calmed down and after two weeks has nearly cleared it completely.

The only skin kit you'll ever need!

I've tried lots of different eco tools and there are by far my favourite.
They last, wash well and so soft on the skin. LOVE!


Literally love this kit. I have used so many different skin tools in my time but this one is easily the best I have used. The fact its sustainable is just the icing on the cake! My skin has never glowed so much since using these tools. Cannot recommend enough.

Great starter kit

Such a good kit got everything you need. Love all the products!!!


Bought as a gift for my daughter who loves it. 😀