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Sustainable swaps under $50.00

Trying to figure out how to be greener without breaking the bank? These simple swaps will reduce your carbon footprint without blowing your budget.

At Sabbia we are all about making sustainable choices not only for your skin but for your everyday life. We have got our team to share their favourite sustainable swaps. 


  • Refillable products for hair care, skin care, cleaning 
  • Reusable bags for groceries, vegetables, nuts 
  • Depop to rebuy clothes and resell cloths 


  • Shopping secondhand 
  • Keep a cup for morning coffee 
  • Zero Waste soap bars 


  • Glass containers for lunches/food storage 
  • Bamboo toothbrushes
  • Reusable makeup pads 

Making sustainable choices doesn’t have to be hard, the small swaps can make a big difference. For more sustainable swaps check out Buzz Feed sustainable swaps for under $25 - Learn more here


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