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Plastic Free July

Sustainability is one of our core values here at Sabbia Co. We are passionate about stopping single-use consumerism in the biggest industry (beauty/skin) and extremely passionate about sharing tips and tricks to help make sustainable swaps in all areas of your home/life.

As it is Plastic Free July we want to show that sustainable changes in your life don’t have to be overwhelming or all at once, it’s a matter of finding what works for you and your lifestyle, and if you can make it greener, even in small ways, then do it.

Here are our 5 simple sustainable swaps 

1. Reusable facial tools

We have multiple tools in our range that are sustainable, reusable and eco-conscious. 

2. Use refillable products where you can

These days there are so many products you can refill, from home cleaning supplies, skincare and body care products. 

3.Reusable coffee cups or drink bottles 

Swapping out your plastic bottles for sustainable/reusable bottles
*TIP: If you forget to bring your keep cup ask for no lid on your coffee. 

4.Market mesh bags

Bring our mesh bags to the markets or supermarkets for all your fresh fruits, vegetables and supplies. 

5. Reuse jars / cans / toothbrush 

Re use your household items, instead of throwing them out right away think of ways you can reuse them. 
Jars/cans - Use for food, storage, vase 
Toothbrush - Perfect for cleaning especially for your bathroom. 
Let us know what you think of these small changes, which ones you have already incorporated into your life and which ones you plan on doing. We’d love to hear your suggestions for new sustainable products, so jump over to our instagram and let us know what your favourite sustainable brands are!
Lots of love,
Jess - Marketing Assistant at Sabbia Co xx 


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