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Our Core Values

Sabbia Co was born after ocean-loving Burleigh Heads Founders Katie and Dave found themselves on a remote beach in Sri Lanka and devastated over the amount of single-use personal items they were surrounded by.

Katie has a huge passion for skin health and well-being, while Dave is a surfer duuude and green thumb. They both do their bit in their home to reduce their footprint but wanted to do more. And that’s why they launched Sabbia Co in September 2019.

From the beginning, we always knew that we wanted to be an ethical brand with minimal impact on the environment. We are constantly educating our customers on sustainability, not only in skincare but in daily life practices. 



Gratitude is and has always been a part of both of our lives. We are truly grateful to have the opportunity to do what we do, to help the planet and to provide amazing products to our customers. And we are forever thankful to have the overwhelming support we do from our community.


We show up just as we are, we are honest about our commit to our customers and the planet, transparent about our products and their benefits.


We spend endless hours and dollars ensuring our products are the highest possible quality. That begins with the level of training and education we pay for, to the equipment, sustainably sourced ingredients and environment that Katie initially formulate a sample, to the Australian labs we choose to work with and all the way to the sustainably sourced packaging we use.


The reason we do what we do. Dave is a surfer and Katie loves diving, growing up and seeing the damage our ocean has endured due to careless companies absolutely breaks our hearts.


Katie is a massive believer in the power of self love and self care on so many levels (mental health, physical health, skin health, manifesting, the list goes on). We cannot simply show up as our best selves without caring, accepting and truly loving ourselves first.


We want to educate and empower our community to help them understand they have choices. We want to educate on the benefits, multi-use and share how to get the most out of our products. 

“Sabbia Co's philosophy is to turn your beauty routine into a ritual using sustainable skin tools that will make your skin glow" 


Lot's of love from the Sabbia Co team xx


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