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Low Tox living with Rebecca

Low Tox living with Rebecca - Sabbia Co
Tell #sabbiasquad a little bit about who you are and what healthy skin and beauty means to you.
My name is Rebecca. I’m a biological mama or 3 and a certified foster carer. In my late teens and early twenties I was someone who battled obesity and overcame devastating hormonal changes in my life. Unfortunately my skin suffered during this time and it definitely effected my confidence. Healthy skin for me means confidence, loving the skin I am in, and feeling more comfortable every day.
How do you maintain your gorgeous glow?
I create my own face serums, use frankincense daily, use mineral makeup and always cleanse my face (and remove my makeup naturally) with my sabbia face sponge and water.
How did you get into ‘low tox living’? And what was your why?
I got sick of the narrative that “everything gives you cancer so why bother”. I was frustrated with the green washing and clever marketing that companies were using to confuse people into believing their products were safe, eco or natural. When I’m reality they were full of petrochemicals, parabens, endocrine disrupters, talc and other nasty chemicals. I am the gate keeper for which products enter my home, and I decided I had the power for a healthier home. 
In your opinion what do you think are the best 5 steps for starting a low tox life? 
1. Take it one step at a time. You don’t need to do everything at once. Pick one part of your home and detox that each month. By the end of the year your whole home and life will be transformed 
2. Be gentle on yourself. Reducing your toxic load is fantastic, even if you’re not 100% doing everything perfectly. Swapping out a handful of products is better than nothing.
3. Find a community of people who are like minded and will support you on your journey. At Low Tox Tribe my passion is helping women on this journey.
4. Find new resources. Don’t underestimate what social media, Pinterest and books have to offer. There are so many recipes and DIYs to help the transition to low tox living be affordable and easy.
5. Find brands that are transparent. Anyone who is hiding their ingredients or burying them is not someone you can trust.
Do you think low tox living can help reduce acne and breakouts? If so, how?
Absolutely. Our skin was not made to be filled with nasty chemicals, synthetics, fragrances, fillers or anything artificial. Everyone I know who  started a low tox journey started seeing benefits with their hair, skin and nails in the first month.
Do you struggle to find low tox skin care products? If yes, what is your solution?
At the start, absolutely, it’s hard to know where to start. Following the hashtags #lowtox and #lowtoxliving helped me find brands that were aligning themselves with this lifestyle. Also you can’t underestimate the power of personal testimonies.
What are your thoughts on the current stigma around beauty, influencers and instagram? And how do you personally maintain internal happiness when you see the ‘highlight reel’ or ‘flawless’ lifestyles.
I wouldn’t personally buy something from an influencer I didn’t trust. Over time you build trust and relationships with people online, and it’s easy to see if the product they are promoting aligns with their brand. I have been asked to promote children’s bath glitter and other products and had to refuse because it isn’t a product I would personally use. I like to believe anyone following me would respect that I authentically share products I love and don’t align myself with companies that go against our lifestyle. I believe most influencers feel the same about their personal brand and authenticity.
Do you think using natural remedies and vitamins promotes a different view on beauty and selflove to the consumer?
Yes, absolutely. Talking about beauty in relation to feeling more vibrant, energetic, healthier and beautiful is everything. 
Do you believe in the need for change in the beauty world? Referring to single-use consumerism, cosmetics, waste ect.
Absolutely. We live a low waste home and encourage others to do the same. Consumers can vote with their dollars and purchase more environmentally friendly options, I am seeing more of this be prevalent and popular amongst our generation
How did you find your Sabbia Co face kit experience? And do you think it is a compliment to your current skin care regime?
I absolutely loved it. My skin feels incredible. It is a perfect match for all of the low tox products I have been using. I am not someone who likes to wear makeup because it feels so heavy on my skin. Since upgrading to mineral makeup I am enjoy wearing it more often, now having a way to remove it with just water and my Sabbia Co face kit makes me feel so comfortable. It leaves my skin feeling clean, but not dry or over cleansed. I am obsessed 
How to you think Sabbia Co face kits will assist in promoting sustainable, eco-friendly, chemical free options? That actually work.
Yes absolutely. I love this.