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Good Gut For A Gorgeous Glow

Q&A with Megan Maitland (BBioMedSci & BClinSci)
Tell #sabbiasquad a little bit about who you are and what healthy skin and beauty means to you.
I’m a Naturopath, Clinical Herbalist, Nutritionist, Health Enthusiast, Organic Food Lover, Wife & Mama. I work in a gorgeous practice up on the Gold Coast, and am best known as @thebiomedicalnaturopath on social media.
I’m one of those people, who genuinely loves their job. Nothing gives me greatest happiness (other than my family) than seeing clients return feeling better, and knowing I’m helping to educate them so they can feel in control of their own health.  
To me having healthy skin means I know my internal health is balanced, and when my internal health is balanced, my skin reflects that.
How do you maintain your gorgeous glow?
Your skin is an organ and a reflection of what is going on within your body, if my skin flares up, it’s usually down to my hormones, liver or binging on dark chocolate the night before (sugar is the worst thing for my skin). I maintain my skin by keeping in check with what’s happening on my insides, but I do love using natural skin care products, my current favs are Pai, Biologica, Dr Alkatis, and 100% Pure
What is the most common concern of your clients and how to you assist them?
- This would have to be mostly hormone related concerns anything from irregular cycles, absent periods, period pain, long cycles, short cycles, spotting, heavy periods, the list is truly endless. With hormonal complaints it’s all about figuring out what’s the driver behind why these things are happening in the first place whether it’s stress, thyroid, PCOS, endometriosis, prolactin, low progesterone, high oestrogen, liver dysfunction or poor digestion. Once I figure out the why, then treatment becomes relatively straight forward.
- Another big one would of course be acne, mostly due to PCOS, oestrogen dominance, poor digestion, food intolerances or liver dysfunction. Again once I figure out the whys, then I treat accordingly.
In your opinion what do you think can be a driving factor for repeat breakouts? And what do you suggest to clients to do to overcome this?
Hormones + Liver + Gut are my top 3 drivers for breakouts
My favourite herbs for hormones are Chaste Tree, Peony, Licorice, Nettle, Calendula, Blue Flag, Yarrow, Burdock
Liver health I can’t go past Rosemary, Schisandra, St Mary’s Thistle, Globe Artichoke
Gut health my favs are Glutamine, Boswellia, Vitamin A, Zinc, Aloe + practitioner grade probiotics
Can having a healthy gut help reduce acne and breakouts?
Yes, yes, yes!
Do you recommend skin care products along with your treatments?
Yes, I am loving the Osea range for my clients. We import the products from the US. The products contain a potent base of sustainably-sourced, organic Patagonian seaweed. It's a skin superfood. Seaweed is one of the world's most naturally abundant sources of vitamins, minerals, amino acids, antioxidants and essential fatty acids: elements that help restore depleted skin. They make all different types of products; everything from dry/mature skin to acne prone skin.
What are your thoughts on the current stigma around beauty, influencers and instagram? And how do you personally maintain internal happiness when you see the ‘highlight reel’ or ‘flawless’ lifestyles.
It’s so hard to see the “highlight” reel from someone’s lifestyle and not think “aren’t they beautiful” “look at her body, it’s amazing” etc. And when you see that “highlight reel” you can get down on yourself.
I know this sounds clique but if I feel good within my body, am eating right, drinking well, exercising, getting sunlight, watering my relationships this is what fuels my internal happiness each and every time. Because I know I’m doing what is right for me, my health and my family and that’s the most important thing to me and makes me feel amazing about my life no matter what other peoples lives look like.
Do you believe in the need for change in the beauty world? Referring to single-use consumerism, cosmetics, waste etc
If I’m going to be honest, until I had friend post about single-use beauty products a few months back it had totally slipped my mind. I hadn’t even thought about the added wastage to the earth. Natural beauty products or not most of the time they’re packaged in plastic, and yes this needs to change, I feel it is already starting to shift but we as consumers can change this by voting with our dollars or emailing companies who’s products we love and asking for alternatives. The more people out there asking for changes in packaging and putting pressure on the companies, the more likely change will happen.
I’ve been extremely conscious of reducing my plastic consumption everything from bin bags to plastic wraps has all been replace with reusable or compostable alternatives. This is now next on my list!
How did you find your Sabbia Co face kit experience? And do you think it is a compliment to your current skin care regime?
All I can say is wow, I wasn’t expecting it to be that good...I was sceptical 🤨 if the re-usable make up remover could in fact remove my make up with just water. You know what it did, and I didn’t have to waste a single make up wipe in the process. The perfect addition to my skin care routine and I’m saving the planet at the same time, that’s a win-win in my books. Beauties do yourself and grab one of these gorgeous face kit packs or 3 and gift them to the special women in your life. 
How to you think Sabbia Co face kits will assist in promoting sustainable, eco-friendly, chemical free options? That actually work.
 By being reusable that’s the key. You can wipe your make up off with the reusable makeup removal pad and wash it again and again saving over 1000 make up wipes. That’s 1000 wipes you didn’t have to add to the earth’s wastage toll. That is huge! Imagine if every woman didn’t add 1000 make up wipes into the earth every year….just imagine.
makeup removing pad

Megan Maitland
BBioMedSci & BClinSci


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