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Functional Skin

Functional Skin - Sabbia Co
Q&A with Maddie from Functional Nurse (RN)

Tell #sabbiasquad a little bit about who you are and what healthy skin and beauty means to you. 
Hi! Im Maddie, owner of the Functional Skin Studio, Registered Nurse and Skin Nurse. I love to treat my patients with a range of treatments from Cosmetic Injectables, peels, Skin needling and internal health support to ensure they are glowing from inside out and outside in. I dont like to rely on bandaid approaches to patients skin concerns. I like to address the root cause and ensure long term results. 
How do you maintain your gorgeous glow? 
I really try to focus on my internal health first. I aim to drink an adequate daily water intake for my height and weight, move my body daily and limit refined sugar in my diet. Topically I ensure to cleanse am and double cleanse pm, apply nourishing serums and only wear natural/organic makeup. 
What are the benefits of facial treatments? And how do treatments help skin complexion? There are so many treatments on the market today. Most are aimed to create minor trauma to the skin to induce an instantaneous healing response. Some skin treatments can specifically target the melanocytes helping to reduce pigment, some can increase collagen and others can encourage lymphatic drainage to help calm inflammation. 
Can having regular facial treatments help reduce acne and breakouts? Along with reducing oil production?
Yes and No. Some treatments are often over used/prescribed. As stated above, most treatments are creating minor trauma to the skin to ignite a healing response. If you are having the incorrect treatment and far too regularly, you can possibly cause too much trauma and strip the skin. Any treatment targeted to ‘remove’ oil flow will only make matters worse, as oil is not our enemy. We need to regulate oil for healthy skin, not strip it away. 
Do you recommend skin care products along with your treatments?
Definitely. I love incorporating a mix of natural and cosmeceutical products for my patients. Daily use of the right products can help to nourish, protect and improve skin texture and tone. 
What are your thoughts on the current stigma around beauty, influencers and instagram? And how do you personally maintain internal happiness when you see the ‘highlight reel’ or ‘flawless’ lifestyles.
I feel instagram has been such an amazing marketing tool for me as a small business owner and with that I notice that the majority of pages are just that.. Marketing. I work with a large number of patients, some influencers themselves and know first hand that their lives arent always what their instagrams perceive. I think we are seeing more and more influencers 
opening up and showing their ‘less perfect’ side. This really helps and will continue to encourage others to do so. For me to maintain my internal happiness, I base my ‘beauty’ opinion of a person off the energy they project. They could be the most photogenic model in the world but their energy may be flat or draining. I dont want to be that person. I want to be one of those beautiful women who radiate kindness and positivity even if I do have slightly chubby thighs, or an asymmetric face (for example). 
Do you think using natural remedies promotes a different view on beauty and selflove to the consumer?
Definitely. Consumers are becoming more and more aware of the nasty chemicals plagued throughout the skincare industry. With more and more natural brands/alternatives, it is easier for the consumers to ensure they are using products that wont jeopardize their health long term. 
Do you believe in the need for change in the beauty world? Referring to single-use consumerism, cosmetics, waste ect. 
Most definitely. Millions of dollars each year is spent by consumers within the industry, I can not imagine how much waste would come from this! 
How did you find your Sabbia Co face kit experience? And do you think it is a compliment to your current skin care regime? 
It was exactly what my cosmetic shelf was missing. I am always happy to support small brands that are making big changes in the industry. It has reduced my use of cleanser through the sponge and makeup removal pad. So many of my patients are now enjoying it also. 
How to you think Sabbia Co face kits will assist in promoting sustainable, eco-friendly, chemical free options? That actually work.
For starters Sabbia Co is raising awareness and ensuring the issue is right under the consumers noses daily! This is important as sometimes we can forget and fall back into old habits.