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Christmas Message from Dave & Katie

A big thank you and see you later to 2020. 
This year has had some extremely high highs and low lows, for ourselves, for our community and the world. The biggest positive that we have been thankful to take is - SLOW DOWN, embrace your loved ones and enjoy life’s simple pleasures. 
As a young couple in our first year of business we were terrified, there was a lot of fear and doubt to what 2020 would mean for us. We started the year donating 100% profits to support the devastating bushfires, followed by floods, navigating racial rights and then COVID19. We went through periods of being a zero income family after Dave lost his job in the movie industry (due to COVID19) and I (Katie) was still working for Sabbia unpaid.
Fast forward to mid April, we sat down and committed to serving our community in a different way. Building a positive place for selflove and support (something we have always strived to do) but I think we finally got it. We showed up on our stories (something we never thought we would do so often) unfiltered and shared some honest behind the scenes, free face masks recipes and hosted yoga/meditation to lift spirits. You guys loved it and the penny dropped.
We are so grateful for the support and growing community we have built. Our incredible #sabbiasquad lift and encourage each other to show up filter free and empower a positive community message. ALL I COULD HAVE EVER DREAMT OF.
Launching our sustainably sourced and packaged skincare on our first birthday in September was a dream come true. And the feedback, the before and afters still give me goosebumps and tears on the daily. Thank you for taking the time to engage and share your experience, it honestly means the world to us.
It’s been 15 months since we launched Sabbia Co, our initial mission was to stop single-use consumerism and plastic packaged personal items. We have now stopped over 12.6 MILLION single-use makeup pads being purchase and ending up in landfill. We have also created 100% biodegradable options to cleanse and exfoliate skin that has transformed 1000’s of customers skin (YAY!). In the couple of months since our botanical skincare range launched we’ve also continued to empower customers to feel confident filter and makeup free, some customers experiencing clear skin for the first time since preteens.
This is an opportunity to say thank you, 2020 was extremely tough for everyone, we personally had wins, we had tears, we had connection, we lost loved ones but we made a difference. And that is a legacy we hope to continue to grow and share with our future generations.
Have a safe, switched off and Merry Christmas with you friends and family (even if it’s over Skype) we cannot wait to share what we’ve been working on for 2021.
Big love always,
Dave and Katie - Founders of Sabbia Co.


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