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Beautiful Mumma's behind Mothers Mylk

We are so excited to feature the beautiful Mumma's behind  Mothers Mylk. Co-founders Shannon and Alana have identified the gaps within postpartum care that is currently offered to women in their fourth trimester. Mothers Mylk was evolved from their passion to NOURISH, EDUCATE & SUPPORT women on their postpartum journey. 
How do you find time to take care of yourself and fill your cup as a Mumma?
As a mum of two, putting my self care needs first doesn’t always come naturally to me but if Mumma is running on an empty cup then the whole family is in trouble! My husband and I have a scheduled ’self care roster’ so every second morning is my morning to do what I need to fill up my cup and start my day right. Sometimes it’s exercise, sometimes it’s pampering myself or sometimes it’s just having a good sleep in. Whatever it may be, having dedicated times blocked out for my self care needs ensures I’m not forgetting to fill up my cup on a regular basis.

Why nutrition is important for a Mother.
- how it can help postpartum, with milk supply and mental health?
Through my own personal postpartum experiences, I can vouch for just how important nutrition is for a mother. After I had my first son I had a fairly poor understanding of how to replenish my nutrient stores after pregnancy and birth. I found myself with postpartum depletion among other conditions, which made the transition to motherhood harder for me than it already was. I spent the good part of six months trying to get my health back on track through eating whole foods, educating myself and supplementing nutrients lost throughout my pregnancy and birth. Fast forward to the birth of my second son and the postpartum experience was magical. Because I had the knowledge needed to support my body after giving birth I found postpartum recovery was much easier. Consuming the right foods for breakfast for example gives me sustained energy to make it through the day without the need for bulk coffee.

Your favourite easy recipe/freezer recipe that can be made for an expecting Mum?
Freezer burritos from our book, Nourished Postpartum! I premake a batch and store them in the freezer for those days I just can’t get anything done. They are so tasty, you literally just throw them in the oven to cook for 40 minutes and the best part is you can eat them with one hand!

Your favourite self-care practice/ritual?
Without fail, twice a day I use a face moisturiser. Morning and night.


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