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Affordable Sustainable Changes You Can Make Today

In honour of Earth Day today, we wanted to take this opportunity to share some of our favourite sustainable changes that we have made in our homes.

Making sustainable changes in your life don’t have to be overwhelming or all at once, it’s a matter of finding what works for you and you lifestyle, and if you can make it greener, even in small ways, then do it. In case you're looking for somewhere to start, here are 3 sustainable changes you can make in your home and life today:


1. Use refillable products where you can.

These days there are so many products you can refill, from home cleaning supplies (such as Pleasant State), or hair care (such as Washed Movement) or even your skincare (such as... Sabbia Co 😉).

2. Download the NoWaste app.

With NoWaste you can set expiry dates for the food in your house, to minimise food waste. This is great for milk, breads, meats, and other perishable food products. A bonus of this app is that you have a trackable way of knowing what you’re running low on when you go grocery shopping.

3. Make the switch to reusable coffee cups.

Most cafe’s these days will fill your reusable cups for you, and some even offer a discount for using a reusable option. So if you're read to make this change, check out some the cute cups available from; Aroma Reuse and SoL Cups Or, if you have a capsule coffee machine at home already, swap to reusable pods (I got mine from eBay) and support your fave local cafe by buying bags of their house coffee blend (make sure to ask them to grind it for espresso, or if you love the smell of fresh coffee, get yourself a coffee grinder and you can do it yourself at home).

Let us know what you think of these small changes, which ones you have already incorporated into your life and which ones you plan on doing. We’d love to hear your suggestions for new sustainable products, so jump over to our instagram and let us know what your favourite sustainable brands are!


Big love always,

Jess - Marketing Coordinator here at Sabbia Co


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