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How to Get Your Man on a Skincare Routine

If you are living with your man right now, chances are when it comes to skincare, he’s either doing nothing or using a 5-in-1 soap that makes you want to cry. If you’re looking for ways to get your man onto a skincare routine, here are some great tips and products to get him started.

  • The first step is to not overcomplicate it, if he’s using one product that does everything, it’s not likely that he will want to have a 6 step routine (yet 😉). Create a routine that is simple and easy for him to remember. We recommend starting with a Removal Kit, Cleanse Kit, Multi-Vitamin Moisturiser and Charcoal Adaptogen Mask. We’ve even put together a Men’s Starter Kit on our website for you. It also includes the cleansing bar for his soap and shampoo needs, and of course to wash the removal pad between uses!
  • I found with my fiancé that when I started introducing products to him, I started with pampering him and doing his skincare for him - this is a great way to get some quality time together but to also get the skincare ball rolling. 
  • As time moves on, you can start doing your skincare together, whether you’re masking it up on a Monday with Katie and Dave, or if you want to jump in the shower together to do your skincare routines, this is going to encourage him to do his skincare on a consistent basis.
  • To create a habit, you can stick to doing your skincare together, but you can also encourage him, let him know that his skin is looking good. Men love compliments just as much as we do (they just pretend they don’t), and if they know they're hard work is doing something, they're more likely to stick with it!
  • Last but not least, if you're a mumma of boys, teach your boys about the importance of a good skincare routine early on. 👏🏻 
Here’s our simple Men’s Routine to help get you started:


Big Love Always,

Kiah - Digital Marketing Coordinator here at Sabbia Co


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