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The tone kit is your go-to makeup removing, cleansing and toning skin kit. 

Sabbia Co's tone kit comes with 1 x Reusable Cotton Pad and 2 x Reusable Makeup Removal Pad - perfect eco-friendly alternatives to replace single-use pads/wipes/balls. Each reusable pad will last over 200 washes depending on use/care, roughly replacing over 1,000 makeup wipes annually - YES! 


Simple, effective and deep cleaning, these pads will remove makeup with just WATER like nothing you have ever experienced, leaving your face fresh, glowing and silky smooth.

The soft reusable cotton pads are gentle and durable for makeup removal, cleansing and toning.

  • 3 Pads included
  • 3 layer cleansing pad that lasts over 200 washes
  • Roughly replacing over 1,000 makeup wipes annually (YES!)
  • 10cm diameter (one of the biggest on the market!)
  • Washable and reusable
  • Cruelty free and killing it!

How to

Step 1: Soak Reusable Makeup Removal Pad in water and remove makeup by gently using a circular motion all over your face, rinse and repeat as many times as necessary. Once complete rinse with water and natural soap and hang to dry.

Step 2: Apply toner or cleanser to Reusable Cotton Pad and cleanse/tone by gently using a circular motion all over your face. Once complete rinse with water and natural soap and hang to dry.


Before using your tools make sure you pop the reusable tools (makeup pad, cotton pad and headband) in the washing machine, like you would with new undies.
After each use hand wash with warm water and natural soap, hang to dry. Sabbia Co recommends to wash weekly with your bathroom towels. Place the pads in a laundry bag to avoid losing them in the wash.

Being washable and reusable means you can use them, wash them and reuse again. Each reusable pad will last over 200 washes depending on use/care.

Cotton and bamboo fibre blend. *You can return your pads to us for up-cycling or alternatively give them a second life by using them as bathroom, kitchen or all-purpose cleaners. Please read here to learn more.

Customer Reviews

Based on 130 reviews
Very impressed!

So impressed with these I wasn’t sure but gave it a go and they genuinely work! Just water and it takes off my makeup. Very happy and very impressed. Weep done on a great product

Great initiative!

So happy to be able to use sustainable tools as part of my make up routine. These feel soft and achieve easy make up removal using just water. Highly recommend. !!


Takes off my make up with so much ease using only water - even stubborn winged eyeliner comes right off. Enjoying that I don't have to use make up remover or buy make up wipes ever again. Also love being able to clean them in the washing machine and feeling like they are brand new afterwards. Great quality and great reusable items.

Bye Bye Makeup Wipes!

I love the longevity of these pads! I almost have been using my pads for a year. The smaller pad is great for toner, so I've said goodbye to cotton balls as well!


I was so excited to use these after being recommended them by a friend. I have used them morning and night since receiving them I can’t believe how well they remove makeup etc so quickly and easily! My skin loves how soft they are, the pads keep my skin fresh and calm!