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Holistic Skin ~ where does it begin?

Q&A with Sarah - Holistic Skin Studio Owner.
How do you maintain your gorgeous glow?
One thing is for sure, when I have not prioritised sleep, minimised stress and moved my body I can instantly see it in my skin, when I haven't drunk enough water or I have not worn sunscreen for even 1 day, I start to lose the glow! My biggest tip is stick to a regime and make it a luxurious ritual that you enjoy doing daily. Learn to listen to what your skin needs and that may me changing your routine up through out certain times of the month when your skin is more oily or more dry. Eat to fuel your body! Omega 3's have been a game changer for my skin's hydration and oil control.
What does feeling empowered, balanced and supported mean to you? And how does your work assist this?
It means doing what I love daily, finding time for self care maybe giving my self a treatment from time to time.
When I step into my skin studio that is my ultimate "Zen Zone", it is what I know I am good at and it sets my soul on fire. It's my perfectly s environment for the ultimate calm to escape from the hustle and bustle! I am empowered by using my skills to help others achieve better skin!
What are the benefits of facial treatments? And how do treatments help skin complexion?
I find a lot of clients use great products but they don't know how to use them, my treatments combine education and skin assessment to guide you to create a regime that provides you with the confidence to take care of your skin in a simplistic manner whilst providing facials that increase lymph flow, clear out built up congestion and refresh tired dull and lacklustre skin as well as increasing collagen production for the ultimate foundation of skin health. I focus on creating healthy skin first before clear skin, a lot of my work is repairing impaired barrier function. I believe education is the most important part of facials and this will teach you life long skills. 
Regular treatments are corrective and help to bring out your ultimate glow!
Can having regular facial treatments help reduce acne and breakouts? Along with reducing oil production?
Yes regular treatments can help to clear out the skin cells and blockages that encourage acne and breakouts to form, though I do recommend that in conjunction with regular facials to prioritise your homecare. If you have a chronic skin concern, visit a healthcare professional such as a naturopath, nutritionist or dietician to test your cortisol levels, hormones, and general health to rule out that there is no major imbalance within the body creating a root cause.
Oil production is defiantly managed with the right skincare and eating correctly to enhance the proper functioning of the skin. 
Do you recommend skin care products along with your treatments?
I will sit down with each client and go over there current regime, if they are 100% on track I will congratulate them! More often it requires me to just tweak the regime and sometimes we need to totally abort what they are using other times we may need to add or take away skincare to get the best results.
I believe 80% of results is correct homecare!
What are your thoughts on the current stigma around beauty, influencers and Instagram? And how do you personally maintain internal happiness when you see the ‘highlight reel’ or ‘flawless’ lifestyles.
I find it a place of creative inspiration and I love that we are all able to express ourselves in this space, I guess you can use it to your advantage or you can drown amongst the perfection. 
I personally find it a place where you can learn, relax and be inspired. I try to take it with a grain of salt and sometimes it can be a highly critical place in which case I remind myself why I am here and that is to spread love and light and to help others in need. 
Do you think using natural remedies promotes a different view on beauty and self-love to the consumer?
I do believe the less toxins we intake and absorb definitely can equal a healthier body, and I do believe you need to also have a professional guide you through especially natural remedies and not try to take everything natural as that it is better than science.
Sometimes we can cause harm by thinking we can do it all ourselves. It definitely brings a earthy vibe that is very grounding to me and I love the "natural" community that is huge on social media. I find it to be a very accepting place and ultimately my goal is to bring out your natural beauty so therefore, I feel very aligned with the self love it promotes.
Do you believe in the need for change in the beauty world? Referring to single-use consumerism, cosmetics, waste etc.
100% I myself have slowly been transitioning to more eco friendly and organic options and only after having a child I really took it seriously. 
I believe you slow your pace when becoming a mother and that for me was my turning point, I want a better world for my baby to grow up in and I want to be apart of that movement. I think we all can take small daily measures to improve this on all levels.
How did you find your sabbia Co face kit experience? And do you think it is a compliment to your current skin care regime?
I whole heartedly believe these type of products can be a game changer as long as used correctly and is certainly a company I want to align my self and my brand with as is contributing to a happier planet. I love the concept and definitely think it’s so beneficial to be cleansing properly , also makes what some people consider a chore a super cool daily ritual!
How to you think Sabbia Co face kits will assist in promoting sustainable, eco-friendly, chemical free options? That actually work.
I believe reducing waste in our land fill that takes years to decompose for example 1 single face wipe takes over 100 years to breakdown!!! It is so vital to creating a better future for those ahead of us. I can see this company is going to be making a huge change for every single person who choses reusable vs disposable over even such a short time! Which is so super exciting and I love supporting companies with forward thinking !

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